Another Mat Calculator

I wanted to upgrade my older Kmat Calculator to take advantage of
the drawing features avaliable in newer programming languages.

This made it possible to include a scaled drawing of matboard,
art-area, overlap, setback, and offset's

~ Nice Features ~

Auto ( Inch, millimeter ) entry fields.
Both positive and negative values for the mat-overlap.
Calculates "optical center offset values" aka "bottom weighting" an image.
Both positive and negative values for offset's can be implemented.
Manually entered values for offset's, No need to accept recommended values.
Both horizontal and portrait offset's can be set at the same time.
Three mat layers can be calculated, each with independent mat setback.
Name field to enter art-photo description, when cutting more than one project.
Three methods to generate report, save results, and print

* New - Version 4 : "Golden Ratio" calculations

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